The Professional Photographers of Oklahoma (PPOK) offers you the opportunity to learn from some of best talented professionals in the photography profession in our state and from around the world. We learn and share the newest in technology, creative excellence and business strengths while developing long lasting friendships.

Membership to PPOK does not require that you be a member of PPA, or any other organization. If you are PPA member, please include your membership number on your application, as it helps us quality for additional merits to award to incoming speakers and instructors.

PhotoEXPO is an annual three or four day event normally held in the later summer or early fall.  Nationally known professional photographers and speakers are brought in to share their expertise on numerous subjects affiliated with photography and related topics. At this event, we have vendors exhibit that enables you to see photographic equipment and manufacturers, professional color labs, album suppliers, props, backgrounds and photographic suppliers all in one place.

PhotoEXHIBIT, is our annual Print Competition and is held in conjunction with our PhotoEXPO. It offers everyone a chance to see how your best work stacks up against that of your peers and gives you the opportunity to gain honor and awards for your achievements. You can win trophies and ribbons for your entries. 

PhotoEXPOSE is a one day event, typically in late January or early February, that is sponsored by our Past Presidents and chaired by the Immediate Past President.  You may attend this event for FREE if you have renewed your membership for the new year. 

PhotoEXPAND is a annual 2 day Seminar, typically held in the early spring.  Again, nationally known speakers attend this event to present workshops and seminars for the attendees.

All of our events provide a wonderful opportunity to make new friends in the photographic industry. Visiting with other photographers, listening to how problems are solved on a daily basis and finding out what makes each one uniquely successful can be very educational. 

Professional Photographers of Oklahoma
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The "Professional Photographers of Oklahoma" is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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