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Oklahoma Professional Photographers Fellowship Program Outline

The Fellowship Program is a means of recognizing those who have served the membership of the Oklahoma Professional Photographers Association and given freely of their time. It also encourages those in membership, who are always willing to help, to continue to do so. The Fellowship Degree is divided into three segments:

The Associate Fellowship (white ribbon) requires 30 points. 

This award can be given to Active, Associate, Life, or Sustaining members.

The Fellowship (black ribbon) requires 50 points. 

This award can be given to Active, Associate, Life, or Sustaining members.

The Grand Fellowship (red ribbon) requires 100 points. 

This award can be given to Active, Associate, Spouse, Life,or Sustaining members.

For every 25 points over the Grand Master Fellowship shall be issued gold bars.

The Fellowship Program was introduced by Past President Sam Hyden, M. Photog.

It will be your responsibility to list any service or print you would like credited to your file. All entries are subject to fellowship guidelines. Credit for your entries will be verified by the fellowship committee. The fellowship committee will have final authority when crediting entries to your file. The form must be submitted by Dec. 31st of the same year the points were earned or they cannot be used at all.

Please submit your points to the current PPOK person in charge. 

Download a Form here

Note: The Official Person in Charge is: 

Cary Garrison ~~405-341-0734 ~~ cary@garrisonphotography.com

Updated April 2017

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