Robin & Jennifer Janson

The Bada Boom Bada Bings

of Volume Photography

This class is the perfect opportunity for all levels of photographers from the established studio to the complete novice. Come learn how to either add a new revenue stream to your studio or how to start making money by getting into photography.  Join us as we discuss how to start, build, and maintain a successful volume business.

>You’ll learn what marketing and sales techniques work
>Learn basic lighting and posing techniques
>Watch and learn how to properly do extractions for composites

>We will also cover workflow and uploading options to your lab

This class starts you off in the right direction so you can hit the ground running into the wonderful world of Volume Photography!

Jennifer started Sock Monkey Photography over twelve years ago focusing specifically on Pre-Schools. She had no…none…zero…zip experience with a camera much less a photography business. She just knew it was something she wanted to pursue. After witnessing her passion and seeing some success Robin soon joined the team.

Robin Janson has earned the Certified Professional Photographer designation from the PPA and Photographic Craftsman.  He serves on the PPA’s Speaker Selection Committee and is a former board member of the BVPPA. 

They live just north of Houston in Cypress Texas and work full time as professional photographers.  They continue to see positive growth both in their business and bank account.

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